Based on our collective years of experience with rescue, the Board of Directors of GRRH requires full cooperation with each of the requirements for adopting a Golden from our program.

  1. Age — You must be at least 21 years of age to submit an Adoption Application. GRRH will not adopt to families with children under five (5) years of age.
  2. Adoption Application Fee — You must pay a $25.00 non-refundable adoption application fee to help cover our costs.
  3. Introduction to family and household members — All family/household members including current dogs are required to meet your potential new family member in the presence of a GRRH volunteer prior to the adoption being finalized. It is important that this be a good match for everyone.
  4. Signed Contract prior to release — You must sign the Adoption Contract before the dog is released to the adopter. By signing the Adoption Contract, the adopter agrees to abide by the terms and conditions of the Adoption Contract. (You may review a PDF version of our Adoption Contract here).
  5. Adoption Fee — The adoption fee must be paid before the dog is released to you. The adoption fee is $600 for pups under one (1) year of age, $500 for dogs one (1) to ten (10) years of age, and $300 for dogs ten (10) and older.
  6. Veterinary Care — You must provide regular veterinary care for your adopted Golden. This includes an annual physical exam, vaccinations, heartworm test, and keeping your dog on heartworm preventative year-round.
  7. Housing and Fence — You must agree to keep your adopted Golden indoors in a climate-controlled environment. The dog must be in a fenced area when allowed outside. You must not leave your adopted Golden outside for extended periods of time and never leave the dog outside when you are not at home. You must agree to keep your Golden on a leash when outside a fenced area and not allow the dog to roam freely.
  8. Animal Control and Local Laws — The adopted dog must be provided a safe home and proper care in accordance with all current and future state and local laws, and ordinances where resides. Should the dog be picked up for any reason by animal-related law enforcement and is deemed to be in danger in its current home, every effort will be made by GRRH to take possession of the dog.
  9. Return — If for any reason you can no longer keep your adopted dog, the dog must be returned to GRRH. We are committed to the dogs we rescue and will always accept an adopted GRRH dog back. The adopted dog shall not be sold or given away to anyone (this includes friends and family members). If a friend or family member wants to take ownership of the dog, they must contact GRRH and submit an application to adopt. The adopted dog shall not be surrendered to a shelter, animal control agency, or another rescue group other than GRRH.
  10. Refund — If a dog is returned to GRRH within 14 days in the same or better condition as when adopted, the adoption fee will be returned. Under any other circumstances, the adoption fee is non-refundable.
  11. Hold Harmless — Adopter agrees to indemnify and hold harmless GRRH, its members and representatives against any all claims, known or unknown, now or hereafter, arising in connection with this dog. Court Cost — In addition to returning the dog, the adopter agrees to pay GRRH for all expenses, including court costs and reasonable attorney's fees for enforcing the terms of the adoption contract and for reclaiming the dog.