Ezra was rescued from living in a garage and underweight.  He has added weight and is ready for a welcoming family.  He is truly sweet and has not met a stranger.  Velcro dog has been a description in the past with other dogs, and he fits the category.  He just wants to be around people and loves to be petted.  He is good with all ages, cats, and other dogs.  We have been working on his leash skills, but it will not take much to get him fully trained.  Housebroken, good in the house, calm, and is extremely sweet.   He sleeps overnight on his dog bed and gets up when you do.  He just wants to be with his people either on a couch to get pets, or in the room wherever you go.  He is truly a sweet dog. If you think Ezra would be a good fit with your family, please let your Adoption Coordinator know! If you are not an Approved Adopter with GRRH-go to the Adoption Tab and fill out an Adoption Application today!


Age: Approximately 5 years
Gender: Male
Good with Kids? Good with all Kids
Good with Cats? Yes
Good with Other Dogs? Yes
Estimated Adult Weight: Currently 68 lbs.
Heartworm Positive No