Meet Jerry!

         Jerry is an Exuberant 1 Yr Old Golden Retriever who is Super Loving and wants nothing more than to be Petted By All! He’s really excited to meet people and will need to work on his training so that he doesn’t jump up for “Pets and Hugs”.  He’s interested in other pets and shows no sign of aggression-just a Playful Spirit according to his Foster Mom.

Currently at 44 lbs-Jerry will be a small golden and Loves The Outdoors.  Everyone has commented on his Soft Fur and Jerry seems to love Brushing and The Hair Dryer-That’s a good thing! An Alpha Owner who will be firm and teach commands will make Jerry The Perfect Pet! If you think Jerry would fit your Family and Lifestyle-please contact your Adoption Coordinator.


Age: 1 Yr
Gender: Male
Good with Kids? Good with Kids over 5
Good with Cats? Yes
Good with Other Dogs? Yes
Estimated Adult Weight: 60 lbs
Heartworm Positive No