Jett is a very calm and sweet 3 year old Flat Coat Retriever who loves to be near his humans. He will follow you around and be happy to lay on the floor next to you and if allowed in your lap! He loves being petted and cuddled and just happy to see you! He will do well in a home with normal work hours as long as he gets tons of love when his family is home and gets a dog walker for midday potty breaks. 

Jett just loves being at your side and when going for walks, he does very well on a leash. He walks next to you and he does not pull. He is intrigued by squirrels and other puppies but will not pull you towards them. 

Jett knows his name, and he learned "sit" and "down" with verbal commands very quickly, and is excited to show off his new knowledge in exchange for a treat! We expect he will learn his new house rules and new skills well with continued training and treats! 

Overall, Jett is an exceptionally sweet dog who will adjust to your family and is happy to play, lounge, or go for a walk. He does not bark and is very calm natured. Most of all, he just wants to be with you and make you happy! He deserves the most loving family and will have lots of love to give in return! 



Age: 3 years old
Gender: Male
Good with Cats? Unknown
Good with Other Dogs? Yes
Estimated Adult Weight: 45-50 lbs
Heartworm Positive Yes