Leo is a sweet and playful 4.5-month-old Male Golden Retriever. He loves to be outside and to run and play. He is still a puppy and so can sometimes be a bit energetic and excited, but after play he will generally sit quietly by your feet in the house. Leo loves to be around people, likes being with children and is very good natured. He is definitely a retriever and will chase down and return anything you throw with him.  

A very intelligent dog, Leo has already learned some simple commands. He can usually be redirected when needed with a simple "No". He is currently crate trained and he is fine to spend nights in the crate without whimpering. At 4.5 months he already weighs 40lbs, so he will be a big dog and a large yard to play in would be ideal. We are looking for a Family with older children and someone who has time at home to continue his training!

Only Approved GRRH Adopters will be considered at this time and are encouraged to email their Adoption Coordinator to see if Leo “might just be Their Guy”!



Age: 4.5 Months
Gender: Male
Good with Kids? Good with Kids over 5
Good with Cats? Unknown
Good with Other Dogs? Unknown
Estimated Adult Weight: 80-90lbs
Heartworm Positive No