My name is Mister. Some call me Mister sweetness. Others say I am Mister calmness (except around cats and squirrels and other things I might like to chase like deer), but really I am just a 64 lb, 5 year old white golden (some call us English cream goldens but I promise my bark does not have an accent). I don’t bark much but do occasionally howl.  Or maybe it is singing. 
I am easy to walk and don’t pull unless I see those little cats or squirrels. Foster mom says I correct easily and can be pretty darn obedient. I am scared or startled by loud noises but I rebound quickly. I think I just need more experiences in life and I will get adjusted to things like loud garbage trucks and lawn equipment. I don’t freak out or destroy anything so that is a good sign.
I am housebroken and will sit by the door to let you know I need out. So far, I don’t have an interest in toys or ball or water.  But I like to do what you do, so that could change. 


Age: 5 Years Old
Gender: Male
Good with Kids? Good with all Kids
Good with Other Dogs? Yes
Estimated Adult Weight: 64 Lbs
Heartworm Positive No