Good things come in small packages! My name is Percy. I am a two-year-old, heartworm negative Golden Retriever mix. I weigh about 40lbs and I look just like a miniature version of my big Golden friends.

I was rescued by a vet on New Year’s Eve when there was a lot of noise and rain outside. I was very scared when I arrived at my Foster Mom’s house so I ran to my crate and hid; I gradually became curious enough to venture out and sniff my Foster Brother after a few days. Now I love jumping up on the sofa and curling up beside my Foster Mom. Because I do get nervous with unknown situations and people, my Furever home will have a nice crate for me to decompress in.

My favorite things are meals and walks. I might even sing a little song when I get excited. Otherwise I am very quiet. I LOVE treats so learning commands has been going really wellfor me. I learned Sit in an afternoon, I am working on Stay (I don’t like to be left behind), and I always Come when my name is called! I walk so nicely on the leash too.

I am fine around other dogs. I just am not really interested in them or their toys. My Foster Brother always tries to play with me but I just walk away from him. I think he is a big clown. I like to gnaw heavy chew toys and bones but I never resource guard.

I tend to prefer women more than men, but I have shown to bond quickly with those who take care of me. I am always shy around new people but if they are patient and let me come to them, I can’t get enough pets. I just crave affection.

The best home for me will either be a woman who lives alone or a couple with no kids who have plenty of time to spend with me. Someone used to be very mean to me so I don’t like loud noises and sudden movements and I don’t want to be home alone all day. I just want to love you and be your shadow!


Age: Approximately 2 years
Gender: Male
Good with Kids? No Kids
Good with Cats? Unknown
Good with Other Dogs? Yes
Estimated Adult Weight: Small Pup 45-50 lbs
Heartworm Positive No