Daisy is a very sweet, loving, and calm 7 year old golden retriever with light red coloring.  She is a cuddle bug and will always be by your side.  Cats and dogs are not a problem for Daisy.  Although she has never lived in a home with small children, she has done well with the children she has met.  She is completely house trained and is not destructive when left alone, so crating is not necessary, nor suggested for her.  She knows a few basic commands, is very obedient and wants to please her owner.  She does shed, like most Goldens, and does well getting bathed and brushed.  Daisy very much wants and needs to be around her owners, so she would do best with a family who has someone at home during the day for her to stay close to.  She would enjoy having a fellow dog to play with, but she really does need most, if not all, of the attention, so multiple playmates would not be ideal.  

Daisy’s owner lovingly and selflessly surrendered her due to the owner’s health.  She has not been physically able to take Daisy for any sort of exercise and Daisy is now obese (125lbs currently and should be around 85lbs).  The owner knew if she didn’t give her to someone who could exercise Daisy, Daisy’s health would decline.  Daisy was very much loved by her previous owner and treated very well. Daisy does miss her, andhas been adjusting to her foster home. She currently does not like to be anywhere without her Foster Mom. 

Daisy requires an active family who will walk her every day and keep her on a strict diet so Daisy can lose the weight, otherwise her health will deteriorate, and her surrender from her loving owner was all for not.  The weight loss program has already been started. Daisy’s foster mom has been taking her for daily walks, which Daisy thoroughly enjoys, and has her on a weight loss diet, which Daisy finds tasty.  


Age: 7 yrs
Gender: Female
Good with Kids? Good with all Kids
Good with Cats? Yes
Good with Other Dogs? Yes
Estimated Adult Weight: 125 lbs
Heartworm Positive No