Redford, aka Red, is a gorgeous and loving 1 1/2 year-old Chow mixed breed, who weighs about 60 lbs. He’s energetic, strong, and alert. Sometimes he’s even silly and goofy, like a puppy, when he sees something he hasn’t seen before! He does not tire easily, so he’ll need a home with humans who can exercise him and keep his active mind working. He’s a Very Confident, Independent Soul Who loves playing tug of war with his plush toys, and especially with towels.

Red is crate trained and house broken. He knows  his name, as well as commands to sit, wait, drop it and leave it. He’s even learned some agility course commands, like jumping over a bar! Red has been receiving extensive training with our GRRH Trainer “Pete” for a few weeks, so his  training will need to continue and be consistent, because he’s got a bit of a stubborn streak within him. He has shown dominance toward some dogs, but he’s also shown he can get along with other dogs. For these reasons, we recommend a home where there are no children and he’s the only dog. Food Aggression also needs to be addressed, but in an “only dog home environment”  this should not be an issue. He’s improved his leash walking, though because of his strong prey drive, he still gets distracted by birds, squirrels, and other wildlife. 
He’s always eager to greet you (we’re still working on not jumping). Once he’s had his exercise and play time, he loves to receive belly rubs and wants to be wherever his human is, giving you great big kisses, and resting his paws sweetly right on your feet.  If you think you would like to Meet Red-please call our Hotline at (713) 521-9019 and leave your contact information so that we can return your call.


Age: 1 1/2 yr
Gender: Male
Good with Kids? No Kids
Good with Cats? Unknown
Good with Other Dogs? Unknown
Estimated Adult Weight: 60 lbs
Heartworm Positive No