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Owner Surrender

GRRH does consider owner surrender for Goldens seeking a home, provided that our program has space available. Our first and foremost priority is to ensure that Goldens in shelters or out on the streets are given the medical care and home environment necessary to ensure their survival. If you have a Golden that needs to be rehomed, please consider the following:

  1. GRRH takes in approximately 200 dogs each year. Our volunteers work hard to match foster or adoptive families to the right golden. Since our resources are limited, we request that you please first check with family and friends to see if they might be able to provide a home for your dog.
  2. Please do not post your dogs for sale on internet sites or in the newspaper. Unfortunately there are many folks out there who project a friendly image but really intend to use your dog for malicious activities. We have heard stories about animals being used as bait for dog fighting or sold as specimens for animal testing. We recommend you consider rescue as an alternative to turning your dog over to someone you do not know. All GRRH adopters complete a detailed screening process before being approved. We check personal references, vet records, and do home inspections if necessary.
  3. Shelter environments are the most unsafe place golden could be! Please avoid taking your dog to a shelter. This exposes them to risks of common diseases like distemper, parvovirus, and canine influenza, all of which can be fatal. Houston has very few no-kill shelters. Most shelters are not obligated to keep owner-turn-ins and may euthanize your dog immediately after you leave the facility.
  4. Dogs with extreme aggression issues or behavior problems may require a consult with a GRRH trainer prior to intake. While we are willing to help rehabilitate goldens in need, we must often also utilize specialized resources to do so. We have very few "no-dog" foster homes and the waitlist to be placed into one is quite long. We request that you please first consult with a professional to seek advice on improving your dog's behavior before applying to surrender it to GRRH. Recall that we have many shelter or stray goldens who also require rehabilitation with our GRRH trainers.
  5. Owners are encouraged to bring dogs up-to-date on vet care before applying to surrender. Medical costs for our goldens average about $700/dog and we are donation-based, non-profit organization. Anything you can do to provide proof of recent vaccinations, spay/neuter, heartworm testing, or fecal exams will greatly improve your dog's chances of joining our program. Healthy dogs can sometimes be placed straight into adoptive homes without requiring foster resources.
  6. If you would like GRRH to help your golden find a new home, please send photos of the dog to One of our volunteers will contact you shortly thereafter with additional info. If your dog is deemed to be a candidate for rescue, we will ask you to complete a surrender questionnaire and contract authorizing GRRH to match the dog with a new home. The more information you can provide on a dog's habits and temperament, the better job we can do to place it. Please also provide as much advanced notice as possible. It is very difficult for us to take in a golden on a deadline.